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Veil Trends That Will Still Make You Smile

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Veil Trends

Years from now, you will want to be able to look back on your wedding pictures and still smile at the choices you made when it comes to your veil and your dress. This does not necessarily mean you should choose a style that you don’t like just because you think it might survive the trends of the future. But you should make sure that you choose something that makes you feel like you. While you might look back at your pictures in five or ten years from now, and wonder what the heck you were wearing, you will also remember how good you felt wearing your veil and gown and how wonderful your wedding day was.

This is one of the best pieces of advice you could get because it is important to always remember that styles and trends will change over time. So it’s important to love what you choose at the time that you wear it. We want you to look back at your wedding photos years from now and remember how beautiful you felt on that day wearing your perfect wedding dress and accessories.

Single Tier Veil

This will forever be the most classic look when it comes to wedding veils. A single-tier veil will compliment almost any gown, whether it is an a-line or fitted gown, made from lace or crepe, or anything in between.


Bridal Stores

If you have a lace wedding dress, you should pair it with a veil with the same details, which will help create that romantic, dreamy look. Some designers will actually make veils that match with their gowns; others might not. If you get a lace wedding dress and want to get a matching veil, you can usually purchase lace from the designer and create a custom veil with your alterations specialist.


Wings are a trendy alternative to getting a veil. Bridal wings attach to the shoulders of your dress and will create an end result of a veil. One more benefit to wearing bridal wings is that you won’t need to worry about messing up your perfect hairstyle when you take them off.

Pearl Veils

Pearls will always be a part of a classic embellishment for weddings, but pearls scattered throughout a bridal veil can help create a modern look.

At Blu Ivory Bridal, we offer our clients styling appointments where you can come in and work with an expert bridal consultant. During your appointment, your stylist will be able to get to know you and your style better to help you create your dream wedding look. And, our accessory appointments will be available for all brides, no matter where you got your wedding dress.

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