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3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Veil

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

 Wedding Veil

Most women dream about their wedding day and cannot wait to shop for their dress. Looking through different gowns is one of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding and while your dress is certainly a priority, it’s important that you spend time choosing the right veil as it will complement your overall appearance.

There are a variety of veils you can choose from and the following tips will help you select the one that is most flattering:

Choose your dress first

It is very important that you select your dress before your veil because if you don’t, you may select a veil that is overwhelming, which will distract from your dress. Or, you may select a veil that is underwhelming and wishes you had gone with a different option instead. In order to prevent these situations from occurring, you must focus on your veil only after your dress has been selected as this will ensure you choose the one that best complements your wedding gown's aesthetic. Depending on your dress, you can choose a trim that suits the gown or select a veil that has beautiful details like beadwork, for example. Ultimately, knowing what your gown looks like will help you choose the right veil.

Set a budget

Veils range in terms of price and the cost will depend on different elements like the length, fabric and details you’re after. Setting a budget will help you focus on veils that you can actually consider and will prevent you from wasting your time looking at veils you cannot afford. Your budget will narrow down your options and make the selection process more enjoyable because you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Decide on the hairstyle you want for your special day

Some veils look better with a specific hairstyle, so think about the look you want and select your veil accordingly. The placement of the veil will depend on your hair being down, half-up, in a bun or a braid and knowing your hairstyle will also help you choose the right fabric. For example, if you want to place your veil over a bun, you would have to select one that is very sheer so that your beautiful hair is visible. Or, if you prefer a messy bun, you’ll have to leave enough room to place the veil underneath and it would not matter if the material was sheer. Hair and veils are connected, so make sure you think about this aspect while you shop around.

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