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Our Favorite Non-Traditional Bridal Accessories

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Wedding Accessories Stores Toronto

Every bride is unique, and it’s important that you feel like yourself on your big day. Not every bride will want to follow tradition, and if you are looking to mix things up a little bit, there are plenty of non-traditional bridal accessories you can consider. Whether you prefer subtle or obvious, the following are accessories you can consider if you are interested in something different:

Bridal overskirts

This is a very trendy option that would allow you to have two very separate looks. Overskirts are detachable skirts that can be worn over the top of your wedding dress waistline, so you would get one dress but two very distinct looks. Overskirts will provide you with volume and can be made from different materials like tulle and lace, for example. You can select an overskirt that is extravagant, or you can choose one that is minimal, and you can also choose to match the design of your wedding dress or customize your overskirt if you are looking for something totally different. Overskirts will elevate your bridal look, and this is true regardless of whether you want high-fashion, luxe or a romantic style.

Bridal Capes

Capes are very popular at the moment and can be seen everywhere, from high fashion runways to the pages of bridal magazines. This accessory will frame your body perfectly and will provide you with a regal look, so you would be very happy with your appearance. It's best to choose a cape that will not distract from the dress underneath, and there is no need for an extravagant veil or long train if you wear a cape. You can choose to have lots of volume and texture and can also include lace patterns at the neck and shoulders if you want a little more drama.

Detachable Trains

If you love the idea of a train but don’t want one for the full day, you can choose a detachable train, which can be removed for your reception. This would allow you to have a train during your ceremony, and you would then be able to change up your look throughout the day. Detachable trains can be attached to your shoulder straps and would flow beautifully down your gown for a draped effect. You can also choose detachable trains that attach at the hip, so you will have options.

Detachable Sleeves or Straps

This, too, is a very non-traditional bridal accessory, so if you want to look unique yet stylish, this is certainly an option you can consider. There are many dresses with detachable straps and sleeves, so you can transform your gown into a stylish off-the-shoulder or strapless dress.

Blu Ivory Bridal carries a beautiful selection of wedding dresses, and regardless of whether you want a traditional gown or a more modern dress, we will help you find exactly what you’re after. We also offer plus-size wedding dresses, so if you are looking for wedding dress stores in Toronto, come and visit us today!

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