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How to Create the Perfect Summer Wedding

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Summer Wedding Tips

Do you want to make sure that your big day is unforgettable during the summer months? Who wouldn’t love a summer wedding with its beautiful, warm sunshine, gorgeous outdoor environment, bright colours and refreshing food and drinks, which all come together to make a truly memorable wedding day? If you have your heart set on a summer wedding and have the perfect summer wedding dress in mind, but need some inspiration for planning your big celebration, then keep reading!

Today we’ll discuss everything you need to create the most unforgettable summer wedding.

Refreshing Cocktail Ideas For Your Summer Wedding

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Probably days sitting by the pool, bonfires in the backyard at night, and who can forget sipping on refreshing summer cocktails. There is something so satisfying about feeling the warm sunshine on your face while drinking a cool spritzer. If you have a summer wedding coming up, then the following beverages should definitely be considered:


You can never go wrong with some champagne at any wedding, especially when it comes to throwing a summer wedding. Maybe you are picturing having a stunning champagne tower at your wedding, but you can also go with a champagne wall if that’s not your style!

Aperol Spritz

Going with an Aperol spritz is another classic drink idea. This is a popular cocktail that can transport guests straight to picturesque Italy. Plus, this cocktail only needs four simple ingredients to make: Aperol, prosecco, club soda and some fresh orange slices.

Summer Wedding Venues

Summer is the perfect season to have a beautiful outdoor wedding. Here are a few wedding venue examples you should consider for your wedding:

  • Ocean or beachfront wedding venue;

  • A winery or vineyard;

  • Golf course.

Summer Wedding Themes

You should plan for your venue and wedding theme to pair nicely. Once you know where your venue is going to be and have it booked, you can start to think about the theme and how it might influence your guests’ experience and the design of the wedding. You can either come up with a theme to guide the events of your wedding and the decorations, or you can just choose a colour palette that really inspires you that influences the wedding elements. Some examples of themes include tropical, bold colours, rustic vibes, boho, glamour or tropical.

What Your Guests Should Wear to a Summer Wedding

While summer weddings make for gorgeous photo ops, outdoor weddings can cause your guests to feel sweaty and exhausted quicker, especially during the hotter days. While this could give your guests a more laid-back attitude when it comes to the way they dress, it’s always better to have them overdress than under dress, especially for a wedding. In general, wearing something that is light and flowy, like chiffon dresses, is a great way to get over the summer heat. If you plan a beach wedding, then guests can wear flirty or flowy dresses.

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