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2022 Wedding Trend Predictions

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

 Wedding Trends Toronto

It seems like after a year of cancellations and postponing, there might be a bit of a rebellious period when it comes to weddings. This could involve fantastical themes and innovations never seen before, from the use of bold colours to more eccentricity. Couples are more ready to start creating their own rules when it comes to their weddings in 2022. Here are some of next year’s top wedding trends.

Bridgerton meets Cottagecore Aesthetics

You might have seen this one coming, thanks to the most popular shows on Netflix (Bridgerton, anyone?) but one of 2022’s hottest wedding trends will fuse a dramatic Regency setting with the romance of the cottagecore aesthetic. Everything like historical architecture, baldachin ceilings and grand ballrooms will be in.

However, it will have an added twist with elements of cottagecore added into it. It is humble and more laid-back than the Bridgerton aesthetic, so picture sprawling wildflower fields and whimsical decor that gives things a paradisal vibe.

Vintage Furniture and Nostalgia

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After the pandemic-related issues that many brides have had to deal with, many of them don’t want to have that perfectly picturesque wedding they had in mind before we were ordered to stay in our homes. We are seeing an increase in sentimental decor and furniture, which tells us that people are finding more beauty in life’s imperfections. Finding something old is finding new meaning. Using one of a kind thrifted furniture could be a way to celebrate these unusual times and can do so in a way that feels personal and authentic to the couple.

Plus, if you have been in the loop with this year’s design trends you will know that vintage furniture and decor have been very popular. And it makes sense. As we look forward to brighter COVID-free days, we also miss the good old days. Having been missing out on making new memories, many couples are instead focusing on their favourite past memories. This can be travel, important dates, events, previous trips where a lot of couples swapped out table numbers for tables labelled with cities that they have been to together. There is much more customization, even when it comes to bridal party gifts and favours. Many couples want to create keepsakes that will remind them of their special day rather than handing out something generic.

Garden Venues

Indoor-outdoor venues have been on the rise out of necessity because of the pandemic. Think about tents, patios, backyards and barn settings that flow seamlessly from the house to the venue, or into a garden or backyard. These are elegant, secret garden atmospheres and estate venues that are classy. These are now known as inside out weddings. And, it is one of the safest ways to have a gathering of people during the pandemic since there is a lot of open space and air. With these trends, it’s all about putting safety first.

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