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5 Wedding Dress Trends to Know

Updated: Apr 4

Bride wearing Allure A1200 in mountain background
Allure Style A1200

Fashion is one of those things that’s changing constantly, all while repeating the same looks over and over again, but in new and creative ways. Wedding dresses are no exception. Beautiful, elegant, wild, edgy, whatever you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a dress out there for you. With such a variety available, where do you start? If you’re interested in the latest fashion trends, then here are five wedding dress trends that just may intrigue you. Blush Tones If you want to break from traditional white wedding gowns without going too crazy, blush wedding dresses are a subtle rebellion that adds another layer of personality to the already unique dress choice. Whether you want the colour to be the first thing you notice or subtly woven into the gown, there are several ways to style a blush wedding dress. Shoulder Bows What better way than your wedding day to make a fashion statement. Bows on wedding dresses have come back in a big way, literally. Some dresses out there have huge bows on the side, in the back or at the top of the chest so you can’t miss it. But if that’s not your style, maybe a smaller, more subtle set of bows placed on the shoulders will do. This trend is perfect for brides who want to add a bit of interest without being dominated by it. Detached Sleeves Compromising on what can and can't go on your wedding gown due to its structure or the wedding location can be frustrating when it’s something you truly love. If you want a wedding dress with long sleeves but fear it may keep you too hot at your beach wedding, then this might be the answer. Detachable sleeves that don’t run from shoulder to wrist will give you an elegant look without causing you to overheat. Capes Sheer or opaque, simple or detailed with lace and fabric flowers, the appearance of capes on wedding dresses isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. There are endless ways to customize and style a cape for your dress, whether you have a strapless dress, one with an open back or whatever design you’re in love with. This accessory won’t hide the dress but emphasize the detail or simplicity of it. Moto Jackets A stylish way to keep warm at your fall or winter wedding without compromising a thing. Whether you choose to wear a classic black or brown moto jacket or stick with an all-white theme, you’re guaranteed to look edgy and gorgeous. This has become a popular bridal cover-up over the last few years, especially as you can customize the back to read ‘bride to be’ or ‘wifey.’ Isn’t that just adorable? At Toronto’s Blu Ivory Bridal shop, our consultants are committed to making sure you feel completely at ease when looking for your perfect wedding dress. We want your appointment to be filled with laughter, love and family. Our wedding gown store is equipped with private, spacious fitting rooms. You will always be in control of the appointment, as we’re here to help you match our stock with the dress of your dreams. Call or go online to book an appointment.

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