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6 Tips For a Summer Wedding

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

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So you’re planning your wedding and you want the big day to take place sometime during the summer. That’s fantastic! Summer is the perfect time to get married, with the gorgeous weather, beautiful foliage and available venue options. To help you prepare for your wedding day, here are six tips that are sure to make the day go by smoothly. Have a Backup Plan Summer weather isn’t always reliable. You could have planned a gorgeous outdoor garden ceremony, but a sudden rainstorm blows those plans away instantly. To make sure you and your guests aren’t stranded without a ceremony to go to, have a backup plan set up. Have an alternate ceremony space prepared in case the weather isn’t on your side. Serve Summery Food On a hot summer day, consider serving foods that aren’t too hot or heavy to avoid turning your guests into hot messes. Instead, offer cooler options like fruits, summer salads, grilled foods, ice cream and other refreshing choices. Prepare Your Guests Make sure your guests have the necessary tools available to keep them nice and cool throughout the day. This could include providing fans, mini bottles of bug spray and sunscreen before the ceremony to keep everyone as comfortable as possible. For beach weddings, you can even provide flip flops to prevent any shoes from getting sandy. Don’t Bundle Up Consider the day’s possible forecast and your location when picking out your wedding dress. You don’t want to be covered head to toe during a summer wedding on the beach in 30+ degree heat. While the temperature will change throughout the day, make sure you and your wedding party are dressed comfortably. Avoid Leaving Food Out This is an easy thing to forget, but it’s an extremely important thing to remember. While your caterers will be busy preparing and monitoring the food throughout the day, make sure you don’t go back for food that you left somewhere hours ago. Don’t Forget Your Makeup Bag Whether you’re getting married in the dead of winter or the peak of summer, you should always carry a makeup bag with you, one that contains mascara and lipstick at the very least. For summer brides that are getting married outdoors, you can expect some of your makeup to sweat off partway through the day. Make sure you’re always looking your best by carrying your essentials with you. At Blu Ivory Bridal, our Toronto bridal store is committed to helping you and your guests have the best experience shopping for wedding gowns. We carry a wide assortment of wedding dresses for every bride, and with spacious fitting rooms and a comfortable environment, what more could you ask for? Give us a call or visit our website to book a bridal consultation today!

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