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What to Expect on Your Bridal Appointment: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Dress

Updated: Jun 13

Preparing for your Bridal Appointments at Our Toronto Boutique.

I do carved on wood decor on a wedding dress
Saying 'Yes to the dress' is just the beginning, setting the stage for the magical 'I DO' moment ahead.

We’re here to walk you through what to expect on your bridal appointment. We understand that it is an epic moment in every woman’s journey of looking for the right wedding dress so let’s go over what your expectations should be before coming in rising sunlit bridal boutique Toronto.

Coming Prepared:

First thing’s first, come on time! The bridal appointment will last for an hour, thus coming early will give you more time to try on more wedding dresses. And believe me, 60 minutes can pass like a lightning bolt!

What to bring:

You might be thinking of what to carry along with you. Below is a list of things that are not compulsory but which we think shall help make your visit for an appointment much easier and smooth at our bridal shop in the Toronto area.

Nude Seamless Underwear:

Use nude colored seamless undergarments while trying out some dresses. No Bra Required: It’s a hassle-free time since you don’t even need to bring in a bra because without it, our gowns work perfectly!Cute Socks or Indoor Slippers: Out of respect, do not wear outdoor shoes inside; instead pack on some lovely socks or just your favorite home slippers all designed to warm you up during the consultation hour. We also have comfortable slippers if anything goes wrong on your shoe selection!Accessories: If you have any particular accessory like a veil or jewelry in mind, then bring them along to see how they match with your chosen gowns.

Bride in wedding dress walking with groom
Bride and groom walking down the aisle after saying I DO!

The appointment experience:

Now let’s look at what happens during the bridal appointments at our

Toronto bridal store.

Begin With Six Dresses:

Prior to your appointment, you will have a chance of choosing up to six gowns from our online catalogue. Hence when you arrive at the bridal store these gowns will be awaiting for you.

Consultant’s Expertise:

During your session, an experienced bridal consultant will engage with you one-on-one Trust their judgment! They’ll listen to your preferences, know your style and recommend other dresses that may interest you besides those ones initially chosen by you.

The “YES” Moment:

Towards the end of your appointment sometimes you just find yourself at that point where all there is left for you is just saying “YES! to THE dress”. However if you are not ready to decide yet, don’t be anxious as you still can get a list of your favourite gowns at our store to reflect on later.

In conclusion:

Trust in us to to be there for you and the dress every step of the way!

Ready to get started? Request an appointment today to discover your dream dress!


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