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Best Wedding Dresses for Outdoor Weddings

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Wedding Dresses for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic, and if this is the type of setting you want for your special day, you need to select the right gown to compliment your wedding. Whether it's a beach, rooftop patio or vineyard, the options are endless for the outdoors, and every couple will be able to choose their dream setting. There’s something magical about saying “I do” in the great outdoors, and the following guide will highlight some of the best outdoor dress styles for your big day:

Boho Gowns

If your wedding ceremony is going to take place in your backyard, a barn or a garden, consider boho gowns which are chic and suitable for the outdoors. This type of gown is effortless yet bold, and you can select V-neckline or detailed straps, both of which are perfect for summer weddings that are outdoors. In the fall, brides who are getting married can consider princess style, lush skirts, and lace-covered sleeves perfect for the season.

Breezy gowns

Brides who will be saying "I do" on the beach will need a light and breezy gown, and this style is both beautiful and dreamy. A beach setting is perfect for weddings because it’s very romantic, and your dress should be as light as the ocean breeze. French tulle, sheer elements, lace details and florals are perfect when walking down a sandy aisle, and the right dress should provide you with a windswept design.

Traditional Gowns

If your wedding will occur at a vineyard, a traditional gown would be ideal for this classic setting. You can mix outdoor luxury with traditional styles to achieve a timeless appearance, and you will be able to swirl and dance in your gown all night long. Strong floral lace notes are perfect, as are sheer detailing and beaded work so that you can choose any sweet and striking style.

When it comes to finding the right wedding gown, you must shop at a reputable boutique to find the dress you've always dreamed of owning! Your wedding dress is a big part of your special day, so you need to love this aspect and shopping early at the right stores will allow you to find the perfect gown. Brides in Toronto can visit Blu Ivory Bridal because we carry a beautiful selection of wedding dresses and gowns and will help you find the best one regardless of your venue or theme. We will ensure your shopping experience is memorable and fun, so come and visit our store today!


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