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What You Should Be Looking for When Choosing a Bridal Store

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Bridal Stores Toronto

The right bridal store will accommodate your needs and will help you find your dream gown. Wedding dress shopping is very exciting, and it’s important that you enjoy this experience, so you can’t just walk into any store and must do some research so that you shop at the right boutique. Not every bridal store is the same, and if you’re ready to start shopping for your dress, you need to consider the following:

The Type Of Experience You’re After

Different bridal stores will offer different types of services, so you have to know what you’re after. The level of service you receive will vary based on their space, selection and staff, so you have to research different boutiques to make sure they can offer you what you want. Some stores place multiple brides in the same area, while others will give you a spacious dressing room all to yourself. Some stores have a personal stylist to help guide you through the boutique, while others will let you browse the racks on your own. You need to know this information in advance so that you feel comfortable when shopping for your dress. Most brides want privacy, so make sure this is being offered.

The Number Of Guests They Allow

A lot of boutiques will limit the number of guests you can bring with you to your appointment, so make sure you know this number in advance. Some brides want to bring a big group, while others want to bring just their mom or a very close friend, so make sure the store can accommodate this request.

The Brands They Carry

Every bridal store carries a different selection of gowns by different designers, so you have to determine the type of gown you want. This will allow you to shop at boutiques that can offer you this style, so if there is a specific designer you love, call different salons to see if they carry that brand. You should also check their website to view the different styles and designs they carry because this will give you an idea of the dresses you’ll get to try on during your appointment.

Length Of The Appointment

Buying your wedding dress is a very big deal, and you should never feel rushed into a decision. You should be able to take your time, so ask about this aspect in advance to determine if the length of their appointments is suitable for your needs.


Check the bridal store’s price range so that you know whether or not the gowns are within your budget. This will prevent you from wasting your time, and you won’t fall in love with dresses you can’t afford.

Blu Ivory can help you find your dream wedding dress, and our staff will do whatever it takes to accommodate all of your requests. We carry a beautiful selection of bridal gowns, so come and visit us today!


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