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Lace Wedding Dresses for Every Bridal Look

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Lace Wedding Dresses Toronto

Every bride has different style preferences for their dress, and regardless of the look you’re after, lace will complement your appearance. Whether you like glamorous gowns, boho dresses or romantic gowns, a lace wedding dress will be perfect for your big day, and you will not have any trouble finding your dream wedding dress because most designers incorporate lace into their gowns.

If you’re ready to start shopping for your big day and are interested in lace wedding dresses, the following guide will inspire you:

Glamorous brides

If you love glamour and want your dress to make a statement, you will need a beautiful lace gown to achieve a look that is ultra-glam! You can choose a princess gown covered in beaded artisan lace and can also include pearls. You can also choose a mermaid silhouette featuring graphic lace to achieve a beautiful and romantic appearance. You can have as much lace on your dress as you like, so don't be afraid because lace is classy and perfect for bridal gowns of every kind.

Casual brides

If you prefer a more simple and subtle look, you can still choose a beautiful lace wedding dress, as many classic styles feature vintage lace designs and dainty tulle elements. Your dress does not have to be traditional, and even a simple dress with lace details will help you achieve a timeless look. Consider easy-to-wear styles, and regardless of whether your wedding ceremony is in your backyard or a fancy venue, a lace dress will complement your theme perfectly.

Boho brides

If you love Boho flair and want that timeless bridal appearance, you’re in luck because there are plenty of beautiful gowns. Botanical lace will allow you to create a dreamy garden style, and you can choose to add bohemian arm cuffs made from lace to add a modern twist to your bridal look. Arm cuffs can be detachable to remove them, and a bohemian hem will help you achieve a whimsical look you’ll love. You can also consider an unfinished hem if you want an airy effect.

Regardless of your style preferences and personal taste, a lace wedding dress would be perfect for your big day, and many brides consider this the ultimate finishing touch. In addition to a lace gown, you can add lace to your veil or train, so there are plenty of ways to incorporate lace into your bridal look, and the experts at Blu Ivory Bridal will help you find the right dress. We have a beautiful selection of wedding dresses and gowns, so if you are looking for wedding dress stores in Toronto, come and visit us today!


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