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Destination Wedding: How to Travel with Your Wedding Dress

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Wedding Dresses Toronto

A destination wedding is romantic, fun and provides for a nice change from a traditional setting. Planning this type of wedding is very exciting and one of the most important aspects is knowing how to travel properly with your wedding dress as this is one of the biggest elements of a wedding. You don’t want to run into any problems or have your dress arrive in terrible condition, so knowing how to transport your gown will save you from a very big headache. If you know in advance that you will be having a destination wedding, it will help you select the right dress in terms of fabric and weight of the dress, which needs to be relative to the weather. Select fabrics like tulle, crepe, and chiffon which do not wrinkle a lot and travel easily unlike heavier fabrics like taffeta that will make your life difficult. You should definitely choose the wedding gown you’ve always wanted, but make sure you choose wisely so that the dress travels well and arrives in perfect condition.

Next, you’ll need to figure out how you’re getting to the destination so that you can plan accordingly. If you’re driving there, the vehicle must have the proper amount of space for the wedding dress whether you are laying it down flat in the backseat or storing it in the trunk. If you plan on flying to your destination, it’s best to contact the airline directly so they can provide you with details and instructions regarding their way of transporting wedding dresses. Ask if you can carry it onto the plane with you so that there’s zero chance of it getting lost or if they have a section where you can hang it. You may even be able to store it in the overhead, but regardless of which option you and the airline agree upon, it’s always best to know this information beforehand so that you can pack your wedding dress properly.

A high-quality garment bag is ideal because it won’t tear and will protect your dress from dirt. If sections of the dress are beaded or consist of lace, it’s a good idea to wrap these sections of the dress in white tissue paper so they don’t get caught on any other fabric. This is especially important if your veil is travelling in the same garment bag.

Lastly, coordinate with the hotel so that your wedding dress can be handled and hung properly as soon as you arrive. Most hotels will have cleaning services available and your dress and veil can be steamed for you so that you’re ready for your big day.

Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or a destination one, Blu Ivory Bridal in Toronto has the perfect dress for you. Their stunning selection of wedding gowns includes styles for everyone, so if you’re looking for a bridal store that has exactly what you need, visit Blu Ivory Bridal today!


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