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Comfortable Materials You Need to Consider Wearing on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

 Wedding Dresses Toronto

Your wedding day should be memorable and fun, but it’s important to remember that the day will be long, so you have to prioritize comfort. This will allow you to enjoy your big day, and you will get to move and dance all night long. It is a must that you are comfortable in every regard, so you have to consider your shoes, your hairdo and the shape of your wedding gown. A tight up-do can ruin your day, as can a pair of uncomfortable shoes, and the wrong materials will certainly prevent you from enjoying your special day.

You have to look at the material the gown is made of when shopping for your wedding dress, and the following are comfortable options you can consider:

Stretch crepe

This is a clean material that is both beautiful and minimal and what’s great is that it looks good on everyone and can be used in different styles of gowns. Crepe is very comfortable, and stretches in the lining will give you plenty of room to eat and dance, so you will not feel limited and will get to make the most out of your day. You’ll get to move around because your dress will not hold you back in any way.


This material is lightweight and easy to wear, and if you love a romantic theme, this material is ideal. Chiffon is available in a variety of colours, so you will have a ton of options with this flowy material. Chiffon will drape beautifully over the lining to create a slim silhouette, and you will be very happy with this style.

Appliqué lace

Sheer panels of appliqué lace are very popular not just because of their beautiful appearance, but for their level of comfort as well. These panels can be applied to the bodice, slit or train of the dress and this type of lace will provide you with a look that is very modern. Sheer panels will provide you with a layer of coverage while adding contrast of material, and the use of sheer appliqué lace will also help show off the lovely details of the lace.


This material is similar to tulle, but it’s not as stiff, so it’s much more comfortable. It is a sheer fabric that is made from woven silk, so your wedding dress will be lightweight, soft and beautiful, and your gown will move with you, so you can dance and twirl all day long. You can choose a slimmer skirt that has only a few layers of organza as this will feel breezy and effortless or, if you want volume and drama, you can add more layers of organza without worrying about weight.

Blu Ivory Bridal can help you find the perfect gown for your special day. We have a beautiful selection of wedding dresses and will help you find one that is both beautiful and comfortable. If you’re looking for your dream dress, come and visit us today!


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