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  • Which Wedding Dress Matches Your Zodiac Sign

    Your zodiac sign says a lot about your character and the way you show emotion and believe it or not, this can influence your style and your wedding planning process. Shopping for the perfect gown is not easy, and you may have to visit multiple wedding dress stores to find the right dress for your special day. Checking your zodiac sign can help you find the perfect dress because certain dress styles will match your sign better than others, and you will know what you want when walking into wedding dress stores. If you’re overwhelmed with this information, the following guide will point you in the right direction: Aries These individuals are known for their love of exploring and are bold and possess a strong sense of adventure. They can face the world without fear, and an Aries bride will enjoy a dress that is non-traditional and daring. A colourful, tulle wedding gown is a great option you can consider. Taurus These individuals are a mix of comfort and luxury and are calm, stable and dependable. They love being pampered and while a Taurus bride will enjoy luxury, they will also be logical and will select a gown that is comfortable and elegant without emptying their entire bank account. Gemini These individuals are always on the move and are witty, but have short attention spans. Gemini brides may feel stressed during wedding planning because they are known to take on many projects, but should focus on dresses that are comfortable and mid-length, as this will make it easy to dance the night away and chat with all the wedding guests. Cancer These brides will enjoy stability and a predictable environment will bring comfort and joy. These brides will generally value tradition and will gravitate towards an elegant wedding gown, like a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress. Leo These individuals have large personalities, and a Leo bride will want to stand out from the crowd and will love the attention. Their captivating personality should show through their dress, which should be unique and bold to wow the guests. Virgo These individuals are perfectionists and very smart and are both logical and practical with their approach to worldly problems including wedding planning. Virgo brides will enjoy a polished and elegant gown, and a minimalist fit and flare gown would be ideal. Libra These individuals are known to change their personalities based on who they are around and will put the feelings of others above their own. They also love variety and enjoy switching things up to avoid repetitiveness. The ideal gown for a Libra bride will consist of a beautiful mix of traditional and unique features. Scorpio Scorpio brides know what they want, and this applies to their look as well. They are observant and possess an edge, but also have an emotional and romantic side. A simple and elegant gown is best as are subtle romantic elements and a plunging neckline ball gown with subtle floral patterns would be perfect for a Scorpio bide. Sagittarius These individuals are fearless and love adventure. They want to explore the world and have a magnetic energy, which is why an over-the-top gown is not necessary. Their energy alone will demand the attention of guests, and the perfect dress for a Sagittarius bride would be a gown that is simple and elegant to allow their personality to shine through. Capricorn These individuals are goal-oriented and hard-working and when they are around people they trust, they are the life of the party. They are not interested in being the centre of attention and will choose a wedding dress accordingly. A classic gown with subtle style factors, like a low, open back, would be perfect for a Capricorn bride. Aquarius These individuals are clever and optimistic and find normalcy to be boring. They will gravitate towards a non-traditional, off-white wedding dress, which is unique and perfect for an Aquarius bride. Pisces This individual is very creative and romantic and enjoys fantasizing. A Pisces bride will love a romantic wedding dress full of tulle and dainty details. The perfect wedding dress does exist, and the experts at Blu Ivory Bridal will help you find the perfect gown. We will listen to your style preferences and will present you with designs that suit your style. We have been serving brides in Toronto for many years, and you don’t have to visit tons of wedding dress stores because we have the gown of your dreams! Our wedding dresses are unique, and we are one of the top bridal shops in Toronto. Come and visit us today to find the perfect dress for your big day! Call 416-656-8000 to learn more.

  • Simple Wedding Dress Styles of 2023

    If you are getting married in 2023, you need to know which wedding dress styles are popular to select the most flattering silhouette. The biggest trend in 2023 is simple wedding dress styles, and this is a great choice for modern brides who are interested in wedding dresses that are minimalistic and timeless. Everything from streamlined silhouettes to romantic details and classic necklines will allow you to show off your personal style without overdoing it, and there are a ton of options for brides interested in a timeless yet modern approach. Simple Does Not Mean Boring Some people confuse simple with boring and even cheap, but this is not the case when it comes to wedding dresses. A simple dress will contain minimal details and embellishments and will show off a bride’s modern style effortlessly. A plain bodice or a sleek skirt are considered simple, and your bridal gown will appear graceful and fashion-forward. Additionally, simple wedding gowns offer endless possibilities which means every bride will find their dream dress, regardless whether you prefer something traditional or contemporary. Simple dresses can cost as much as detailed gowns because high quality fabrics and construction will affect price. A simple gown can be just as luxurious as an intricate gown, and simple does not mean affordable. Simple wedding dresses are available in a variety of styles and silhouettes. Many brides prefer a less-is-more approach, and there are plenty of minimal options. Whether you are looking for an unadorned ball gown or a sleek sheath silhouette, the following are will provide you with ideas and inspiration: Simple Crêpe Wedding Dress A plain sheath skirt is a great idea to emphasize your curves, as is a strapless column gown wrapped in luxe liquid crêpe if you want a chic vibe. Simple Ball Gown Wedding Dress Ball gowns are dramatic, but they can also be simple. You can choose an elegant ball gown and add modern twists to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can mix classic bridal with beautiful couture details to create a contemporary design. Sexy Simple Wedding Dress Simple and sexy go hand-in-hand, and you can flatter your curves while keeping things stylish. The right fabric will drape over your body beautifully, and details like a sweetheart neckline or waist-cinching detachable bow belt will make sure you turn heads on your big day. Simple Mermaid Wedding Dress A mermaid silhouette is very popular and a simple, sleek and modern mermaid wedding dress will create a stunning look. A simple mermaid wedding dress will work with your natural curves, and you will look chic and flawless. Here at Blu Ivory Bridal, we will help you find the perfect wedding gown for your special day. We are one of the most well-known wedding dress stores in Toronto and have a beautiful selection of gowns. We will take the time to understand your personal style and whether you want a simple wedding dress or a gown that is bold and elaborate, you will find the wedding dress of your dreams! You don’t have to visit multiple wedding dress stores and can come directly to our shop today! Call 416-656-8000 to learn more.

  • Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress Styles for Every Bride

    Bridal fashion is always changing, but there is one trend that will always be popular; off-the-shoulder wedding gowns. This neckline is flattering for every bride regardless of style preferences or body type and will add a romantic element to any gown. There are different ways to incorporate this neckline into your wedding day look, and you can choose to combine it with elegant long lace sleeves or delicate straps. One of the many reasons why off-the-shoulder gowns are so popular is because these necklines are both versatile and elegant, and also perfectly sexy. It will show off the upper body appropriately and can be worn during any season and with any gown silhouette. If you are interested in this type of dress, the following tips will help you select the perfect off-the-shoulder wedding dress: Combining an A-line or ball gown silhouette with long off-the-shoulder sleeves will create a beautiful regal look, and you can choose from fitted lace styles, romantic blouson sleeves and sheer embellished sleeves. If you love the strapless look but want more coverage, you can consider an off-the-shoulder wedding gown with thin straps to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you need a lot of support, choose a gown with an illusion neckline to create the look of an off-the-shoulder look. Skin tone mesh is perfect to create an optical illusion. Allow your neckline to shine when styling your off-the-shoulder bridal gown. A statement necklace is ideal if your dress is simple or, you can choose not to wear a necklace if you want all the focus to be on your face. Statement earrings are also ideal as they can complement this style beautifully and will draw attention to the neckline without taking away from your gown. There are so many options when it comes to off-the-shoulder wedding dresses, and you can consider the following ideas: Off-the-shoulder lace wedding gown This is a classic look that is timeless and beautiful. Lace is perfect for brides, and combining this aspect with an off-the-shoulder gown will provide you with a romantic look that is effortless. Off-the-shoulder long sleeve wedding gown Romantic brides will love a long sleeve off-the-shoulder wedding dress with an A-line skirt. Touches of lace will add a beautiful effect and there are many styles to explore including a whimsical off-the-shoulder wedding dress for a free-spirited bride or a sexy plunging neckline to add unexpected elegance for a modern bride. Off-the-shoulder A-line wedding dress If you are more of a minimalist bride, you can still consider an off-the-shoulder wedding dress for your big day because there are many dresses that are chic and completely effortless. An A-line skirt will float beautifully, and simple seaming can accentuate your frame. There are lots of wedding dress stores in Toronto, but here at Blu Ivory Bridal, we can provide you with plenty of ideas for your special day. We will present you with beautiful off-the-shoulder dresses that match your style and are considered one of the best bridal stores in all of Toronto. Our reputation and selection of beautiful dresses sets us apart from other wedding dress stores. Come and visit us today! Call 416-656-8000 to learn more.

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  • La Perle Trunk Show | BLU IVORY

    La Perle Trunk Show Extended ​ What is a Trunk Show: Trunk shows are particularly popular in the bridal industry. During trunk show dates, brides can view a larger selection of a specific bridal designer's newest collection than what is normally carried in a bridal salon. Often designers will offer discounts on the trunk show dates. La Perle by Calla Blanche Trunk Show November 4th - 8th For the Free Spirited Bride Based in Toronto, Canada, La Perle by Calla Blanche is a brand new collection of boho wedding gown styles. Think effortless silhouettes, billowing sleeves, and comfortable fabrics. ​ ​ ​ Is This Trunk Show Right For You? You are a street size 2 - 10 Your budget is between $1000 - $2000 ​ ​ ​ ​ Please see below of the styles we will be featuring for the Trunk Show! ​ ​ ​ ​ Request an Appointment Rhiannon Size 6 Noor Size 6 Winter Size 6 Dallas Size 6 Olive Size 6 Ayana Size 6 Primrose Size 6 Gaia Size 6 Sparrow Size 6 Stevie Size 6 Saffron Size 6 Fern Size 6 Skye Size 6 Imogen Size 6 Mettisse Size 6 Request an Appointment

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  • Wedding Dresses Toronto | Bridal Shops Toronto | Blu Ivory

    L'AMOUR Trunk Show Special Offers Request an appointment today! June 6 - 11 Request an appointment > In-store wedding dresses View Accessories Ships in 1 day > Blu & Ivory View Blog bluivorybridal 4 min Wedding dresses for your body type 0 3 likes. Post not marked as liked 3 bluivorybridal 4 min Trumpet vs. Mermaid Wedding Dresses – What’s the Difference? 0 5 likes. Post not marked as liked 5 bluivorybridal 4 min What are Wedding Dress Silhouettes 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Make an experience to remember Request Appointment I had my first experience trying on wedding dresses here and it was amazing! Lauren was so welcoming and friendly... Kristen W. Oct 2 2021 View Testimonials > Instagram Follow @bluivorybridal OUR STORY From the moment you step into our boutique, we encourage you to make yourself at home. You and your family are now a part of ours. Relax, and take a deep breath. Our boutique is designed to keep you at ease. With our individual, spacious change rooms, your experience will feel private and comfortable. Nothing will take away from your special moment... Multi Award Winning Bridal Boutique! Learn more

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