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Which Wedding Dress Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign says a lot about your character and the way you show emotion and believe it or not, this can influence your style and your wedding planning process. Shopping for the perfect gown is not easy, and you may have to visit multiple wedding dress stores to find the right dress for your special day.

Checking your zodiac sign can help you find the perfect dress because certain dress styles will match your sign better than others, and you will know what you want when walking into wedding dress stores. If you’re overwhelmed with this information, the following guide will point you in the right direction:


These individuals are known for their love of exploring and are bold and possess a strong sense of adventure. They can face the world without fear, and an Aries bride will enjoy a dress that is non-traditional and daring. A colourful, tulle wedding gown is a great option you can consider.


These individuals are a mix of comfort and luxury and are calm, stable and dependable. They love being pampered and while a Taurus bride will enjoy luxury, they will also be logical and will select a gown that is comfortable and elegant without emptying their entire bank account.


These individuals are always on the move and are witty, but have short attention spans. Gemini brides may feel stressed during wedding planning because they are known to take on many projects, but should focus on dresses that are comfortable and mid-length, as this will make it easy to dance the night away and chat with all the wedding guests.


These brides will enjoy stability and a predictable environment will bring comfort and joy. These brides will generally value tradition and will gravitate towards an elegant wedding gown, like a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress.


These individuals have large personalities, and a Leo bride will want to stand out from the crowd and will love the attention. Their captivating personality should show through their dress, which should be unique and bold to wow the guests.


These individuals are perfectionists and very smart and are both logical and practical with their approach to worldly problems including wedding planning. Virgo brides will enjoy a polished and elegant gown, and a minimalist fit and flare gown would be ideal.


These individuals are known to change their personalities based on who they are around and will put the feelings of others above their own. They also love variety and enjoy switching things up to avoid repetitiveness. The ideal gown for a Libra bride will consist of a beautiful mix of traditional and unique features.


Scorpio brides know what they want, and this applies to their look as well. They are observant and possess an edge, but also have an emotional and romantic side. A simple and elegant gown is best as are subtle romantic elements and a plunging neckline ball gown with subtle floral patterns would be perfect for a Scorpio bide.


These individuals are fearless and love adventure. They want to explore the world and have a magnetic energy, which is why an over-the-top gown is not necessary. Their energy alone will demand the attention of guests, and the perfect dress for a Sagittarius bride would be a gown that is simple and elegant to allow their personality to shine through.


These individuals are goal-oriented and hard-working and when they are around people they trust, they are the life of the party. They are not interested in being the centre of attention and will choose a wedding dress accordingly. A classic gown with subtle style factors, like a low, open back, would be perfect for a Capricorn bride.


These individuals are clever and optimistic and find normalcy to be boring. They will gravitate towards a non-traditional, off-white wedding dress, which is unique and perfect for an Aquarius bride.


This individual is very creative and romantic and enjoys fantasizing. A Pisces bride will love a romantic wedding dress full of tulle and dainty details.

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