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Tips for the Perfect Winter Wedding Dress

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Winter weddings offer a unique atmosphere that weddings in warmer months lack. The food is hearty and comforting, the decor is regal, and the holiday season gives everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling. Your wedding dress should add to this atmosphere and encapsulate these feelings as well. Dressing for the cold never looked so elegant. Add Drama Lace placed over exposed skin gives a dramatic and feminine look while still keeping you protected from the elements. Lace sleeves are common in royal weddings and are associated with prominence. It also offers coverage without feeling too heavy on the body. Winter Accessories If you do not want to cover up completely, you could use an accessory to layer over your dress just for when you are outside or for pictures. A fur coat or vest in a deep hue will keep the cold away and have you looking chic. You can choose to cover your shoulders or don a full jacket. For an edgier look, opt for a tailored leather jacket. Whimsical brides may prefer a cape or, try a sequin coat to add a touch of sparkle and glam. Dainty gloves look sophisticated and will keep your hands warm when you take pictures outside. If you don't like the look of gloves, consider a fur hand muff, which is easier to hide hand warmers in. Colder weather also means you can choose heavier jewellery to pair with your dress. Chunky jewelled headpieces, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces will make you stand out from everyone else. Fabric If you are sure you will not be spending any time outside, then you could pick light satin with lace for your wedding dress. But, if you will be spending even a bit of time outside - for pictures or inside a tent with heating - consider thicker, woven fabric to prevent wind from making your teeth chatter. It can be tempting to ignore the type of material your dress is when you are shopping in warm wedding boutiques, but feeling cold on your wedding day is a miserable experience. Legwear Another way to keep the cold out is by wearing thick tights under your dress. No one will be able to see with a long dress, and you will be thankful when that cold air blows through. If your dress touches the floor, you could even wear boots, which are warm and comfortable. If you know you will be walking through snow to take pictures or get from one place to another, boots are a better option than ruining delicate heels. Colours Winter ivory, of course, looks best in the winter but there are other bold colours you can choose from too. Warm tones of burgundy, black, and gold can add a pop of colour or sparkle to your accessories. Tartan looks especially fitting during this season as well. These are just a few ways you can strategically keep warm during your winter wedding while also looking stylish. Stop by Blu Ivory Bridal, and one of our experts can help you find a cozy and beautiful look for your special day. Tags: Bridal Stores Toronto Bridal Stores Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses Toronto

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