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Highlighting Shaped Trains

Updated: Apr 4

Highlighting Shaped Trains

Updated: Aug 19

Why not make your special day even more magical? We are talking about adding a shaped train to your already stunning wedding dress. What are shaped trains? We are glad you asked. We are here to showcase some of the most beautiful shaped trains available today, so you can have that fairytale wedding you always dreamed of! Wedding dresses come in all different shapes and sizes, and so can the trains that come with them! Keep reading to find your perfect match.

Scalloped Trains The scalloped train is a popular pick! Featuring the classic scallop-shaped hem with a series of small curves around the edges, these can be adorned by lace or beadery to give that extra flair. There are so many variations and style choices when it comes to scalloped trains. Lace, tulle, glitter, organza, you name it! You can even get a double-scalloped shaped train, this means that there are two layers, one shorter than the other, of beautiful scalloped trains that will mesmerize any crowd when you walk by! If you do opt for the two-layer scallop, you can even get a different shape for the first layer to create a more unique look to the dress.

Circular Trains Circular trains give a more classic or elegant look to a wedding dress. These trains could be more suitable for those who have a more modest or conservative style to them, but who still want something a little more extra than a regular train. For those who want to add a more dreamy touch, consider requesting the train to be made out of crystal tulle fabric. This type of fabric will give your train a soft, shimmery glow each step you take down the aisle.

V-Shaped Trains V-shaped trains are stunning and more on the unconventional side, but look incredible trailing down the aisle. Consider having the first half of the fabric be solid white to match your wedding dress to show off the shape of the train even further. The edges and tips of this type of train can be adorned with beautiful lace details, to bring back a more soft and feminine touch. Either way, the v-shaped train is meant to be a showstopper.

Fit-and-Flare Train If you thought the v-shaped train was a little over the top (or not over-the-top enough??), then wait until you lay eyes on the fit-and-flare train. This train is similar in shape to the scalloped train, as it can feature a scalloped edge, but with more va-va-voom to it. The train cascades down the hips, which then flares out dramatically. It will look like a gorgeous waterfall of tulle and lace when featured on a wedding gown, rippling down the aisle. A true sight to behold! We hope that this article helped you get inspiration as to what kind of train would be perfect for you on your perfect day! Here at Blu Ivory Bridal, we are dedicated to helping every single bride find her one true wedding dress. Make an appointment with us today to find out why we are one of the top bridal stores in Toronto!

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