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All The Wedding Dress Lingo You Need to Know!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

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Shopping for your wedding gown is exciting and fun, although you will likely come across a few terms you may be unfamiliar with. This is very common because wedding-related terms often feel like a whole other language and most brides have enough to deal with without this kind of confusion. So, if you are going to start dress shopping, the following guide will help you through the process: A-line This term refers to a specific kind of silhouette and this type of dress features a skirt that gradually flares out from a fitted bodice. The flare will start below the natural waist and will skim the hips lightly and extend all the way to the hem of the dress to form a shape similar to the letter A. This is where the name comes in and this is one of the most popular silhouettes because it is flattering on every type of figure. Bodice This refers to the top portion of your dress and is the section above the waist. Bustle This refers to a sewing method that is used to change a gown that has a long train into one with a more suitable length so that the bride has an easier time walking and dancing. Chiffon This is a type of fabric and is very soft and delicate. It is also very sheer and layered and was once known mainly for bridesmaid’s dresses, although that is no longer the case and more and more designers are using it for wedding gowns. Boning This helps provide structure to a dress’ bodice and will prevent any sort of drooping that can make for a sloppy appearance. This is very important if you want to wear a strapless dress as it will make the gown more flattering and you will feel more confident and comfortable as a result. Illusion back This is a very popular trend when it comes to wedding gowns because this type of dress design will provide you with the appearance of an open back, when in reality, you will have the comfort of a full coverage gown. Organza This is another type of fabric that is made from silk but is much stiffer than chiffon. It is similar to satin but does not have all of the weight and will provide you with volume if that is the look you wish to create. Organza is often used for full skirts because it can provide both volume and flow. Blu Ivory Bridal will help you find the perfect wedding dress, and we will make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed with any unfamiliar terms. We are one of the best bridal stores in Toronto and carry a beautiful selection of wedding gowns, plus size wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and more! If you want to find the perfect dress for your special day, come into our shop today!

Wedding Gowns Stores Toronto

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