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5 Tips for a Flawless Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Shopping for a wedding dress is exciting, although the different styles and options available may make the process more stressful than fun, which is why you need to follow these tips so that the experience is an enjoyable one:

Decide on a budget. Shopping for a dress without a budget is a waste of time because you may like something that’s not realistic for your price point. In order to be able to focus on dresses you can actually choose from, you’ll need to know how much you can spend, which will make the selection process of your gown a lot easier.

Start shopping early. It is recommended that you start shopping a year ahead of your wedding date because the gown will need time to be made, after which it will have to be shipped. Once you receive it, you need time for fittings and alterations and in order to eliminate stress, it’s best to start shopping early to give yourself enough time to not only find the right dress but to make sure it fits perfectly.

Figure out which style of dress you like best so you can focus on this type of gown specifically. Researching in advance before you begin shopping will determine the style of gown that is most flattering for your body type so that you can shop these styles of dresses. Look through bridal magazines and different fashion websites to narrow down your preferences because this will help you know what you’re after and which details are a must.

Schedule appointments at different bridal salons. Call ahead and book appointments ahead of time so that you can start trying on different dresses. It’s best to schedule them all in one weekend so that you can do a comparison and each gown is fresh in your mind, which will allow you to make a better decision. You can make a fun bridal weekend out of it and invite your close friends or family. When you call to make your appointments, provide the bridal salon with some information regarding the style of dress you’re after because this will help them pull dresses for you in advance so that they’re ready for you to try upon your arrival.

Prepare a list of questions. Shipping time, in-store alterations, additional charges and steaming services are just a few of the elements you may be concerned about, so write down any questions you may have in advance so that you have all the answers when you leave the salon.

Bridal stores can be overwhelming and it’s hard to find wedding dress stores that can cater to all of your needs, which is why Blu Ivory Bridal in Toronto is the perfect shop for every bride-to-be. From plus size wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses and, of course, beautiful wedding gowns, they have it all, so make sure to stop by this stunning store today!

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