What is Your Bridal Style?

There are so many bridal dress styles out there that it can be hard to pick which one works for you. One of the ways in which you can narrow down your dress, though, is to hone in on what kind of day you're having. Different gown styles go better with various types of settings, and while you should never limit yourself by your setting, you may not want to have a ball gown with oodles of crinoline while saying "I do" on a beach. Here are five bridal styles and the dresses that go along with them.

A Classic or Traditional Wedding

A classic or traditional wedding is a formal wedding with a sit-down dinner and traditional reception. Usually, a traditional wedding includes a ceremony in place of worship, and the bride and groom have a full wedding party including a flower girl and ring bearer.

The dress style that most often goes along with a traditional or classic wedding is the princess ball gown. A princess ball gown features a structured bodice, often heart-shaped, with a full skirt. Think of Cinderella at the ball!

A Contemporary Wedding

If you are having a contemporary wedding, you will be following many of the same structures that a classic wedding follows but with a modern take on the styling and decor. The mood of a contemporary wedding is relaxed, and the atmosphere invites guests to have a good time.

The dress for a contemporary is usually a non-traditional dress. These can be dresses in shades other than white, such as blush, or with colourful floral adornments. They may also be tea length or even minis.

A Vintage Wedding

A vintage wedding throws back to times gone by. Whether it is referencing the 50s, the 40s, the 30s or 20s, or even the Victorian era, the theme is often translated through attire, hair, makeup, and decorations. Guests are also encouraged to participate.

While you can go all in and find a wedding dress from the era you are throwing back to, often these dresses are not in the best conditions. Many modern dresses have accents or are inspired by times gone by.

A Rustic or Country Wedding

A rustic or country wedding is often hosted outside, or even in a barn, out in the country. Elements from the country lifestyle are incorporated into the decor such as wood, burlap, and metal, with bouquets being natural and tied with twine. Receptions often take place in a barn with string lights adorning the space.

Many rustic brides like to have dresses that are less fussy, and lace is a trendy choice. Sheath silhouettes are especially popular, and cowboy boots are the perfect addition.

A Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is right on the beach at a beautiful tropical resort!

Beach brides often wear flowy and relaxed dresses, without many accents, beading, or lace additions. Beach brides even sometimes go barefoot or in flip flops with a tropical flower in their hair.

Matching Your Wedding Style to Your Bridal Style

At Blu Ivory Bridal, we have a dress that will match your bridal style no matter what that style is. Browse our selection online, and book an appointment to come in and have a consultation. Our boutique wants to see you in a wedding gown that suits you and the style of your big day, and with our expert eye, we know you will leave Blu Ivory Bridal with the dress of your dreams.


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