Trendy Wedding Dresses for 2017

Weddings are moments of joyous celebration and are often well thought out events to plan for the various aspects of the day such as the array of flowers and bouquets, the food and drinks, the centerpieces and rings, and most importantly the wedding dress. The wedding dress can often be thought of as the focal point of the wedding. All eyes are on the new bride as she walks down the aisle.

The choices for wedding dresses are vast, there are so many different types of cuts and styles, as well as the varying shades of white that can make it a difficult choice to make. You want a wedding dress that compliments your beauty and your body shape. You want a dress that is up to date on the fashion trends of your time.

Here are some types of wedding dresses that are considered to be the trend for 2017.

Wedding Dresses with See Through Bodices

This is a big trend for wedding dresses right now, and have been seen on many model runways. This adds a more sensual look to a wedding dress. See-through bodices offers another alternative to the traditional wedding dresses. It looks great when paired with a classic wedding dress silhouette and strategically placed embellishments.

Wedding Dresses with Deep V Necklines

For the brides who want to appear taller, try a dress that has a deep V neckline. You can decorate these necklines with three-dimensional floral designs, lace designs or scalloped edges for an ultimately feminine look. The deep V adds an element of sexiness to an otherwise wholesome wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses with Streamer Sleeves

For those who prefer to have their arms and shoulders covered, wedding dresses with sheer sleeves that were inlaid with floral designs or lace decorations have always been a popular alternative. Now, this trend adds a new twist on the sleeves by making them into streamer sleeves – long tulle sleeves that split into streamer like designs. This adds a romantic element to your wedding dress because the streamers will gently sway and follow your movements as you walk.

Wedding Dresses with Bows

Bows on wedding dress used to be smaller and subtle, but in 2017, this took a turn for the opposite. A large bow (or bows) would be considered a feminine accent piece to your dress. You can accentuate your waist with a sash and bow or make for a dramatic flair with a large bow situated on the back of your wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses with Over-Skirts  

Long flowing trains always been a nice touch to a wedding dress, but now another alternative has sprung up – overskirts. You can get the option of donning a full-body overskirt which becomes a seamless part of the wedding dress, adding a princess-like element to the dress. This is a great option for those who want to change up their look on their wedding day – wear the overskirt during the wedding, then take it off for an outfit change for the reception!

There are many different trends and styles that dominate the world of wedding dresses every year, but no matter what the passing style or trend is, one thing remains true, the right wedding dress will make you feel beautiful.


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