Ten Tips to Remember When Choosing your Wedding Dress

Every season is wedding season! If you are getting married and have a date set, it’s time to get started on the planning. There’s the food, the location, the people, the decorations…but more importantly, the wedding dress. This dress is usually the focal point of the wedding, and you want to make sure that you feel beautiful in it. But with all the endless options to choose from, how do you know if you’re choosing the right dress? Well, not to worry, here are ten useful tips and tricks to remember when choosing your wedding dress.


Knowing where and when your wedding is will help narrow down your search. For example, is your wedding during the day on a beach? If so, you want to rule out elaborate ball gowns with long trains because of the sand. Are you getting married in a church in the evening? You’d want to avoid any short slips or scantily made dresses in favour of a more conservative outlook. Also what season are you getting married in? Some wedding fabrics, like chiffon is better for warmer weather, while other fabrics such as satin are more suitable for winter.

Set a Budget

Find out what your budget is, and tell the consultant immediately so that they don’t bring out any dresses that are above your price range. You must also keep in mind factors such as alterations, potential rush shipping fees, accessories, etc. Be aware of ALL the costs that come with purchasing a wedding dress.

Do Your Research

Start looking at bridal magazines, books, and websites to learn about all the different types of fabrics and silhouettes that they offer for wedding dresses. This is great to do because then you can clearly convey to the consultant exactly what type of dress you are looking for. For a more visual reference, you should bring along pictures to show the consultant.

Start Early

The earlier you start, the better. The best time to start shopping for a dress is eight to twelve months before your wedding. You might be lucky and get a dress that just needs minor alterations, but most of the time you will have to do alterations to your wedding gown.

Bring People

Make sure to bring along some trusted friends, such as one or two people who know your taste and can provide you with an honest opinion on your dresses. Also, if you have any accessories you are planning on wearing to the wedding, bring them to the appointment so you can see right away if they complement the dress you are trying on or not.

Have a Set Plan

Find out where you want to go, and call the stores in advance to find out the designers that they carry, the price range, and other services that they offer. This is good, especially because you will have to book an appointment in advance.

Find a Dress for Less

You don’t have to spend an insane amount of money on the perfect gown. Some stores have sale racks, or hold big annual sales once or twice a year to clear out the discontinued samples. To find out when these big sales are, contact the boutiques.

Keep an Open Mind

This is crucial, and one of the more common pieces of advice given by bridal consultants. If they urge you to try on a dress that may not be your style, give it a shot. Some dresses don’t look great on the hanger but can look amazing on you. Just be sure to never feel pressured in purchasing a gown that you don’t like.

Focus on Fit, Not Size

Bridal wear usually runs smaller than everyday clothing. So when you try on dresses, don’t focus too much on the numbers, or insist on a smaller size as a motivation to lose weight before the wedding. Order one that fits now, because a gown is easier to take in and much harder to let out.

Get it in Writing

Before you put down the deposit for your dress, go over every detail in your contract with your bridal consultant. Details you should know are:

When the gown will arrive

The estimated fee for alterations

What the cancellation policy is

Double-check the manufacturer’s name, style number, size and colour


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