How to walk in an evening gown

Walking in an evening gown sounds as easy as floating on water, but have you noticed the number of women who trip when they wear one? Whether you are a model in a beauty pageant, an actress receiving your Oscar on stage or just attending your best friend’s wedding, tripping in an evening gown is a real fear for everyone.

Carrying yourself with confidence is an art that takes practice, or guidance from experts who can show you the way. See what our fashion professionals at Blu Ivory Bridal have to say.

How to Carry Yourself with Grace in a Long Gown

Walk with Confidence: Whether it’s a swimsuit or an evening gown, carrying it off with grace requires supreme confidence in yourself. Stand straight, hands by your side, relax your shoulders, keep your chin up before you head out. Working out on a regular basis can boost your self-confidence by leaps and bounds. If you feel good about yourself, you are bound to look good, whatever you wear.

Be Comfortable in Your Shoes: To be comfortable in an evening gown, you need to be comfortable wearing high heeled shoes. If needle-thin heels or stilettos make you break into a sweat, wear block heels or ankle strapped, pointed toe pumps. You can look at embellished dress sandals, metallic leather block heels or ankle strap wedge sandals too. The trick is to be comfortable in your shoes. If you walk with ease, you carry off your evening gown with ease. It’s that simple!

Glide, Don’t Stride: Every outfit requires a different way to carry yourself. Don’t rush or take large strides as you would in your jeans. Take it slow and steady, one step in front of the other. If it’s a ramp walk, follow the rhythm of the music. Lift your dress from the floor to make sure your feet don’t get caught in the flowing fabric. This is especially important when you climb up or down the stairs or walk around damp pool areas during an outdoor event. Practice at home before you step out for the actual event. Swing each leg back and forth a few times to know how much room you have to move freely. If your dress is narrow at the helm, your movement will be less restricted. If there is more room, you can walk more easily, but the flowing fabric can come in the way of your shoes. Take measured steps to prevent yourself from tripping.

Sit like a Queen: Once you have mastered the art of gliding, make sure you sit down as gracefully. Lift the back of your dress from the floor before you perch down. This will prevent you from stepping on your dress and tripping when you get up. Evening dresses make you look and feel more regal than any other outfit you may have. Wear it once and you will feel more confident the next time.

Blu Ivory Bridal for Beautiful Evening Dresses

Selecting an evening dress involves more than just fitting into several until you find the right one; it is a whole experience. Blu Ivory Bridal can take you through the process with expert advice. We have a spectacular collection of evening gowns, bridal wear and dresses that bring out the best in you, within your budget.

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