7 Tips to Select a Colour For Your Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding is stressful, that goes without saying. Finding a wedding dress is definitely one of the most stressful aspects of the whole ordeal. Primarily when you're looking for something unique, like a pop of colour somewhere on the gown, while staying within your budget and timeline. To make your search a little less chaotic, here are a few tips to help you pick a colour for your wedding dress.

Stray From Tradition

As most wedding dresses are designed in the traditional bright white that we’re all accustomed to, it would be easy to stick with the more popular option. However, many designers have branched out into the world of colour, bringing out beautiful champagne and blush toned wedding dresses that are sure to blow your guests away.

Goes With the Atmosphere

If you want a wedding dress that’s out of the ordinary, make sure it fits the colour scheme of your wedding as a whole. Having a blue and white theme while showing up in a blush dress with a wide, purple sash will give the assumption that not much thought went into the most important day of your life. Stick with your colour palette or choose something that’s complementary to your other colours.

Pick Your Favourite

Generally, when picking colours for your wedding, you're going to go with ones that you and your partner like. Make sure you do the same for your dress because it’s something you’ll be photographed in all night. You don't want to look back and wish you’d chosen something you truly loved instead of tolerated for one reason or another.

Tis The Season

If you’re drawing a blank on what colour you want for your wedding dress, it might benefit you to base it on the season you’re getting married in. Champagne dresses have a golden sheen to them, making it perfect for a fall wedding. Blush toned dresses, being a soft pink, match the buds of spring or brightness of summer with ease. Ivory gowns are beautiful in any season, but winter is their time to shine.


If your wedding decor and colours are wild and all over the place, then choose a colour for your dress that’s simple and clean. Something that stands out among the craziness instead of adding to it. You want the focus to be on you, so don’t choose a colour that will blend in with everything else. The reverse also applies. If your wedding colours are neutral, then go for something like a bold and fluffy blush that will really make you shine.

A Bold Commitment

So you want some colour in your dress, but you still want to stick with a traditional white dress, what do you do? Try adding some ribbon, a sash or belt in any colour of your choosing. Ta-da, you have a wedding dress with a splash of colour that you won’t panic over.

The Bridesmaid Dresses

If you take anything from this list, let it be this: don’t choose a dress that’s a similar tone as your bridesmaid’s dresses. It’s your day to stand out and have everyone’s eyes on you. Don’t make people wonder who the bride is by looking like your four or five bridesmaids.

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